Current Event- Removing Plastic from the Ocean

This video is a guy who came up with an idea to remove the plastic from the ocean. His idea is to implement something that attach to the seabed, and then let it clean by itself. This system is very passive- don’t need to do with machines and don’t require a lot of people because the sea will clean by itself. I learn that because of the current, the plastic will concentrate in the same areas. So, it makes it easier to clean.

I think that this is a very good idea to make our world become a better place for every organisms to live in. Before plastic fragment into micro-plastic, we should clean it by using his idea. If we don’t care about this, there will be millions pieces of plastic in the ocean and it will make it harder to maintain it.




Film Festival

Let me tell you a bit about film festival. Film festival encourage students that are under 18 years old to create their own movies which include, writing, filming, and editing by their own. Well I was not really the director of this movie, but I was an actor. One of my challenges is that I really don’t know how to dance a lot. So, please apologize on how the way I danced. Also, the film was at night, so I was a little bit scared of GHOST because our film crew stayed up until 10:00 pm and the dog was barking. It was a very good experience of being in this movie.

Something that I learned is that it is very hard to be an actor. Also, it is very difficult to release one movie that is about eight minutes long. So think how about a movie that is 1-2 hours long? It will take a lot of times. I also learned that when we are an actor we have to change into a new person. Emotional and Express yourself to be that person in the movie will lead you to success if you want to be an actor in the future.


Why can’t we fly up? Why we attract to the ground?

It is because of GRAVITY!!

Gravity is a force that attracts a body towards  the center of the earth. It pulls things to the ground. For example, if we take a ball and drop it, that is the gravity that pulls it to the ground. Moreover, it keeps the sun, and planets in the orbit.

Why do you float in space?

We float in space because there is no gravity at there. The further you get away from the Earth, the less gravitational force there is (the less pulling downward to the earth). At there, no one can hear you scream because there is no air. No Air = No Sound, No Air = No Gravity

Short Story

One morning I woke up, and to my surprise I saw it was snowing outside of my house. I ran to tell my mom that it was snowing outside. So, I told my mom that I will go to played in the snow. My mom said no because I did not have breakfast yet. So, I fried two eggs, one for me and another for my lovely sister. My sister and I changed out clothes and went out to played out side of the house. We had a lot of fun because it’s the first time that I saw snow. Then one hour later I was so cold and I saw a snow giant rolling back and forth along the road in front of my house. The giant could transform into a snowman. I was so surprised because I haven’t see a snowman before. I said “hello” to him, but he didn’t seem happy with me. He looked at me with big eyes. My sister was so scared and she didn’t know how to help me. Luckily my father came back from his work. So, he called some police to come to help him. A lot of police came to help me and finally they could kill that giant. After that I played snow with my sister happily.

Ghost Topic

When someone talks about ghosts, it makes me think of it every time I was in a room alone or in the dark. When I was going into my room alone to take a book to read, I always felt like two or three ghosts were following me. So, I took my book quickly and ran out of the room. One time something crazy happened, the light was off. In the room, there was no light and then I thought that the ghosts will scare me. I tried to run to the front porch of the house, but the light was still off. So, I preferred to stay in the room, but I thought that what if I saw the ghosts, what can I do? Should I run out or tell someone or what? Then the light came on and I wasn’t scared of the ghosts anymore because the light was on and my friend came to this room to sleep. Now, when someone talks about ghosts, I always try to tell them to don’t talk about the ghosts or try to walk away from them. So that, I can’t hear what they talk about.

Who am I?

I am Makara.
I have two siblings:
a brother and a sister
I am a girl that is 1.50 cm.
Although I am 13 years old.
Painting and drawing are my passion.
The length of my hair is down to my shoulders.
My arms are 0.6 meter and my legs are 1 meter.
I feel happy and am playful.
I like to play football.
I love my family.
I am Makara.

STEAM Challenge Synopsis

On the afternoon at Liger Learning Center, the STEAM (science, technology, engineering, art, and math) challenge begins with 50 students that divide into four houses. Two houses that full of girls and the others that full of boys. The competition have four different activities that are related to STEAM and The Sis Phoenix House is still struggling with deciding who is going to do what. This house still need more times to discuss about strategies and other important things while the others know precisely what they will do. To win this competition, they need to paint on a big canvas that describes the meaning of STEAM in Cambodia, make the best rube goldberg, create a scratch that describe Liger, last but not least we need to choose one Khmer wisdom and then somehow create a show that relates to that. They go through these activities with difficulty, and they know that the boys will win. Nevertheless, they still have optimism that they can do and finish it on time.


There was a superstar named Jan
Who likes to make fun with his fans
He sings like Opera
and he is popular
But he never has a clear plan

I am from

I am from television and drawers,
And I am from football, beads, and books.
I am from Literacy, Math, and DIY,
And I am from Esperanza and Descendant.
I am from pagodas, snack, and cookies,
And I am from eggs, bread, and tacos.
I am from Linda, Dollarwat, and Sokyi,
And I am from Angkor Wat, hometown, and water festivals.
I am from Phnom Penh, and I am from Kampong Thom,
And I am from shrines and buddha.
But most of all, I am from honesty, and I am from trust.

Narrative Essay (Steam Challenge)


Once upon a time, there were 50 students that selected from Cambodia to go to the STEAM (science, technology, engineering, art, math) world to do STEAM challenge. They were delighted to be there and enjoying the advanced technology. They saw many murals hung on the wall, and there were classes about math and science were going on. Also, there were so many tall buildings in white, purple, red, and colourful color. Vuthea, the most powerful leaders of the boy house number 1 was very curious about computer science at there. Jolena, the young regal leader of the girl house number 2 was very selfish, but though her house was very strong. “Look at Kota” said Ordella, the kindest and nicest leader of girl house number 4. Kota, was the shyest leader, but his house was very good at STEAM. “Oh! We saw our enemy, be very careful” said Hiya, the girl in house 4. While others were very good at STEAM, very strong, and knew what to do, house number 4 still struggled with this challenge of deciding who is going to join what activity and came up with the strategies to win. The team that win this challenge will get to stay in this world and get to study new stuffs and will go to Mars to do science experiment. The teams that lose will get back to Earth . The girls in house number 4 giggled and felt confident that they can do this.

“Guys, please pay attention!”, shout Shiba, the judge. “He seemed so mean and I don’t like him at all”, whispered Hiya to Ordella. Next to Ordella was Jolena. “Just pay attention!” shout Jolena. The judge began talking with eyes looking at Hiya then everyone. To win this challenge you all need to create a rube goldberg that is 25 meters and create a mural that explain about STEAM in your world. House 4 and house 3 members left to their apartment. “That’s so convenient!” said Vuthea to Jolena in a smirk look. “I can’t wait to see your face when you are lost.” reply Jolena.

The next morning house 4 came earlier than others to have a meeting and decide who is going to do what. Ordella came up and started to talk in front of the other 11 girls in Conference Room. After the meeting, they got Hiya, Vymin, Rita, Malis, Pili, Yima on Rube Goldberg activity, and Ordella, Uni,Tina, Finai, Woymi, and Anna on making murals about STEM in Cambodia. Finally the rest of the houses came. It seemed like they knew already who is going to do what. “All right, all right”, cried Shiba. I hope that all of you know what to do. Why don’t we begin with Rube Goldberg at Sport Court.

The supplies that they will need are in the middle of the sport court. Then the four houses were at each corners. Before Ordella exit the sport court to do her murals at the art class, she went up and told everyone in Rube Goldberg to collaborate and cheers for each other. “Thanks, Ordella, we will try our best” said Rita. “Are you ready?” asked, Shiba. “Yes!” shouted everyone. The whistle went once, twice, and thrice, everyone scurried to get the materials. Vymin, Malis, and Yima were drawing how will their rube goldberg is going to look like. Hiya seemed very anxious and a bit bossy while Rita was taking stuffs that Pili took from the supplied box and began to build. After 40 minutes, it looked like everyone a bit exhausted because of the weather and from working too hard. “Guys, be creative, their teams are nearly finished and we only have 20 minutes left”, said Hiya in a hurry tone. Rita worked very efficient and very creative. After the ball went through the tube, the ball will hit the needle to knock the balloon. The it went to touch the knife and that knife will cut the orange in half. “Oh, I think our rube goldberg will be the best”, said Malis to Hiya. “Yeah, it will”, replied Hiya. Our rube goldberg was function very well. “Peeb, Preeeeeeeeeb” the sound of the whistle. It was time and everyone finished with their rube goldberg except Vuthea house. The reason was because his team didn’t work with each other and just put down their own idea without discussing. So, his house eliminated from this challenge. Jolena laughed in astonishment to Vuthea house. “I’m sorry because of your manners, your team will eliminate from this challenge too”, said Shiba in a disappointed face to Jolena. But that’s not fair at all. Next time, you will be very careful with your attitude. Ok, let’s find out who will be our winner for this evening. First, Shiba dropped the ball at house 1 rube goldberg, it quite didn’t go well. Then, he went to House 4 station and dropped the ball. It did work well. “So, listen up!”, said Shiba to the crowd. I had the winner’s name in my hand and the winner issssssssssss. Everyone just shout out their house number. The winner goes to House 4. Hiya just jump around with Rita. Malis just cry with Vymin. “Ops! sorry guys, I knock down our rube goldberg when I jumped” said Pili. “It’s okay, the competition is over” cried Yima. Shiba congrat them and then took everyone to cheer for their art teams. On the other hand, the art team worked incredibly crazy. There’s brushes on the table and paint colors. Everyone got paint on their clothes and faces. “Let’s give them a round of applause”, cheer Jimy, the art judge. What is going on? Now that we want to find the winner, please give us five minutes to discuss. “What, we just come and it ends already?”, questioned Malis to Pili. Ordella came by and she said that the other murals are very fantastic and very meaningful. “It’s okay if we lost, because we win on rube goldberg”, said Yimean to Ordella. Seriously, we win? Yes! Wait, I need to go to tell our members. “You guys are beyond our compare”, said Kota. It doesn’t mean that you win the rube goldberg and you get to stay here. You’ll see how will I do that.

“Woa!”, cried Jimi. What an amazing day. Thanks all of you for your volunteer to come to our planet. Now, we know the winner, no I mean winners. “What! you mean that there will be two houses that win? questioned Jolena in confusing tone. “Yes!”, replied Shiba. So, the winners are house numberrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr 3 and numberrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr 4. Then he and Jimy went up and hug House 1 and 2. So, tomorrow house number 1 and 2 will send back to Earth. “Thanks, very much, you taught me a very good lesson today”, whispered Jolena to Shiba. The winners went to Conference Room with Shiba and Jimy. “So, as you know that we only allow one winner to win this challenge”, announced Shiba. You all will participate in another competition to find the only one winner. The judges left with anticipated look. “Luckily, that my house win or else you just face with problems”, said Kota to House 4 girls. “You can’t judge our girls like this”, said Uni. This is a competition that we really want to win, and you will see what will happen next.


[This steam challenge truly happened at my school, LLC. So, I just chose this theme to write about.]