The Battle Between Liger and EYC

A few weeks after returning from our summer break, Liger held a football competition between Liger and EYC (Empowering Youth in Cambodia.)  EYC came out to our campus with three different teams which were girls, boys, and junior boy team. Most of our Liger students from both cohorts came along to cheer our players with their screams and smiles. I was one of players too and I felt confident that this was going to be the first girl’s team victory. Fortunately, through perseverance and determination, my team won with a score of 5 – 0, the Liger boy’s team won by 12 goals, and our Junior boys won by one point. 


There were four boys who created Drone Exploration and they are now expert at flying it. After this Exploration end, they and their learning facilitator trained four more girls, including me. I started to fly drone a few months ago and now I can fly it!


Since, there are eight students that know how to fly it. Not just flying, but also taking good videos and pictures. So, we now have a own business called Cambodia Aerial Photography (CAP). If people want to take pictures and/or videos from the sky view of their school, building, etc, they can hire us. What make our business standout is that we are young Cambodian pilots and we create quality videos, pictures for our clients.

Currently, we are teaching four more boys. In the future, we will definitely train more students!

Film Festival

Let me tell you a bit about film festival. Film festival encourage students that are under 18 years old to create their own movies which include, writing, filming, and editing by their own. Well I was not really the director of this movie, but I was an actor. One of my challenges is that I really don’t know how to dance a lot. So, please apologize on how the way I danced. Also, the film was at night, so I was a little bit scared of GHOST because our film crew stayed up until 10:00 pm and the dog was barking. It was a very good experience of being in this movie.

Something that I learned is that it is very hard to be an actor. Also, it is very difficult to release one movie that is about eight minutes long. So think how about a movie that is 1-2 hours long? It will take a lot of times. I also learned that when we are an actor we have to change into a new person. Emotional and Express yourself to be that person in the movie will lead you to success if you want to be an actor in the future.